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Old Typewriter Machine — Funeral Home Services in Brooklyn, NY
Trzaska Funeral Home was established by Casimier H. Trzaska in 1924 at 732-Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. Casimier served as a Veteran of Foreign War in World War I. On May 24,1930, he suddenly passed away, leaving the Funeral Business to his wife, my Grandmother, Helen E. Trzaska, to run on her own. She became a Licensed Undertaker on December 1, 1930, moving to 648 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.
The strength of coping on her own running the family business, after the death of her husband, and raising two children, lends for admiration of Mrs. Trzaska, in particular dealing with it during that particular generation, when it was very difficult to run a business as a woman.

Mrs. Trzaska led the family business, later, with her daughter, my mother, Adele Trzaska Marchak, who became a Licensed Funeral Director on March 21, 1963. Together they ran the family business; then later moved to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY in 1966.

In 1978, Alexander S. Marchak, Jr. became a Licensed Funeral Director. In the 1980's, we added Bay Ridge Funeral Home to the already existent Trzaska Funeral Home. In 2001, we purchased Fred Herbst & Sons, and E.C.Waldeck Chapels; creating Bay Ridge Funeral Home and Herbst, Trzaska, Waldeck Chapels.
Casimer Henry Trzaska and Helen E. Trzaska — Funeral Home Services in Brooklyn, NY
(Left) Casimer Henry Trzaska – 1924
(Right) Helen E. Trzaska - 1941
Undertakers License — Funeral Home Services in Brooklyn, NY
Adele Doing Paper Works — Funeral Home Services in Brooklyn, NY
Adele Marchak – 1980